Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 Won't Be Sold In The US

In addition, the company is considering removing salvageable components from the Note 7 as well as extract metals.

Now Samsung has announced that it plans to sell the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 smartphone those were recalled from the global markets due to the exploding batteries.

According to reports by Reuters, analysis from Samsung and independent researchers found no other problems in the Note 7 devices except the batteries, raising speculation that Samsung will recoup some of its losses by selling the refurbished Note 7. To successfully initiate the process, Samsung may also join hands with EU's R&D and further test efforts to develop new eco-friendly processing methods.

The Samsung spokesperson told CNET that they will not offer the renovated or refurbished device in the U.S., for what reasons, they still mum about it.

Taking on board criticism from millions of Greenpeace supporters, Samsung has revealed that it's backtracking on its decision to "dispose of" recalled Galaxy Note 7 units. Let's see which markets Samsung chooses to take the plunge in. It turns out the rumors were true as Samsung has recently announced their plans to sell refurbished Note 7 handsets. Those who did turn their phone in may get the chance to once again own and use a Galaxy Note 7...depending on whether their particular region gets the modified handsets.

After conducting a recall that failed to fix the battery issue that caused some Note 7s to overheat and catch fire, Samsung pulled the product and offered customers refunds or a replacement phone. Several airlines banned the device from being used aboard flights.

Samsung has been under pressure to figure out a way to recycle the millions of Galaxy Note 7s it made, especially from environmental groups, who are celebrating the announcement.

It looks like Samsung Electronics Ltd. is trying to make the best of a bad situation.

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  • Carolyn Briggs