New Day, WWE give a sneak peek at elaborate WrestleMania 33 set

Considering the huge fan base of WWE in India, we believe the company's decision to launch WWE shop will drive the top line.

WrestleMania 33 hits Orlando on Sunday with a massive five-hour show filled with fantastic matches, a Pitbull performance and likely plenty of surprises.

The former WWE Champion has developed into one of the most recognizable entertainers in the world, and with him he brings a massive fan base that includes almost 81 million Instagram followers, which is one of many reasons why WWE should utilize him if he's available.

Do you think we'll see Hulk Hogan on Sunday?

Yes, this is a foregone conclusion.

Instead of fighting each other, the two men chose proxies to fight in their place, with Trump picking ECW champion Bobby Lashley and McMahon going with Intercontinental champion Umaga.

The Undertaker (+325) vs. If I need to put a sleeper pick in I would say Dolph Ziggler or Sami Zayn. The Undertaker ... at +325 ...

Seeing even more value here!

"I'm going to wrestle Kevin thousands more times". His announcement was shocking as a match between them sounded like a really good idea. I'm predicting Rollins to lose and this duo to fight again in a few months at SummerSlam. During the match for the WWE Universal Championship, Triple H returned and helped eliminate Roman Reigns from the match.

Lots to unpack here with these odds and Bayley obviously a solid favorite entering this thing.

The pay-per-view will cost £19.95 for viewers in the United Kingdom and €24.95 for customers in the Republic of Ireland. Banks is also worth a shot as well. John Cena alone has more than 9.3 million followers, and the @WWE Twitter account has 10 times more followers as the world's largest publicly traded company, @Apple.

With Cena and Bella possibly stepping away for a while after this match, there's a tremendous amount of value picking Miz and Maryse.

Flawless odds here. Stay away.

Definitely see Corbin taking the strap from Ambrose but not every title is going to change on this show, which means +700 offers some significant value. "I am very excited to see what 2017 has but my next goal is to be the longest SmackDown women's champion". With many young talents ready to take the next step toward the main event scene, either man as the imposing obstacle for them to overcome is enticing as long as the champion is willing to stick around and defend the title.

Surprisingly, after the match both Goldberg and Lesnar left the WWE to pursue other goals with Lesnar heading to Japan and the UFC while Goldberg would go on to star in movies as well as the small screen where he had a spot on Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice. Another defeat at the hands of Goldberg would considerably impact his credibility and unless there is an outside interference, Lesnar is the favourite to win here.

Braun Strowman is expected to win which is why I will predict an upset. You wanna bang? I'm all for it.

  • Salvatore Jensen