Marco Rubio, another Donald Trump critic, says Russian Federation tried to hack him

Mark Warner (D-Va.), the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

On the House side, Republican Chairman Devin Nunes has been under intense pressure with Democrats - and Republican Congressman Walter Jones of North Carolina called on him to rescues himself from this probe.

Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee were greeted with startling advice Thursday to "follow the trail of dead Russians" after Sen.

But then reporters began asking questions, and Burr was nearly immediately asked whether - considering the fact that he served as an adviser for President Donald Trump during the campaign - he could be expected to run an impartial investigation.

Senator Burr said: "What we might assess was a very covert effort in 2016 in the United States, is a very overt effort, as well as covert, in Germany and France".

More than 1,000 people were hired by Russian Federation to produce fake news about Hillary Clinton in swing states during the USA presidential election, a Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee has claimed. The experts testified it was created to disrupt and undermine the 2016 USA presidential election.

"Senator Rubio, in my opinion, you anecdotally suffered from these efforts", said Clint Watts, a cyber and homeland security expert at George Washington University.

Warner, the vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Burr held the first public hearing on this probe Thursday.

The efficacy of the House committee, which to date had led the congressional investigations into Russian election meddling, has thus been thrown into doubt, whereupon the senators made a decision to intensify their own probe.

Warner said some intelligence agencies have not been as cooperative as others in providing materials, and he declared, "We can not tell the American people our conclusions unless we have access to all the pertinent information". "If we do not take this seriously, it is not hyperbolic to say that our fundamental democratic institutions are at risk".

He says he wants President Donald Trump to uncover Russian activities during the election, but he chastised Trump for what he calls "wild and uncorroborated accusations" that his campaign was wiretapped. USA intelligence agencies said Russian Federation hacked emails of senior Democrats and orchestrated the release of embarrassing information to hurt Clinton's campaign.

This week, President Donald Trump said lawmakers should turn their attention to investigating the Clintons and their ally, John Podesta.

A new report out today says that Obama administration officials were "so concerned" about what would happen to documents related to the Russian Federation investigation that they created a list to give to individuals on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The Times reported that Ezra Cohen-Watnick, the senior director for intelligence at the NSC, and Michael Ellis, a White House lawyer who previously worked on the House intelligence committee, played a role in helping Nunes view the materials.

  • Larry Hoffman