Liverpool Academy At Night

Liverpool are not the only club to be under investigation after a rules shake-up at the start of the season in an attempt to end the unsettling trend for young-player poaching.

It is understood that the allegations against Liverpool include the tapping up, as well as the inducement of a Stoke City schoolboy.

According to the Daily Telegraph, that would mean they could not sign any players in a sanction which mirrors those imposed on Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The side from the Potteries had been paying the youngsters school fees as part of his contract and it's believed his parents wanted Liverpool to do the same.

The Premier League, ironically, is also investigating a complaint from Liverpool over the departure of one of their academy players to Manchester City.

The potential sanction for Liverpool would nearly certainly also include a hefty fine, but the biggest sanction would be a ban that sees part or all of their academy dealings suspended.

The once-promising teenager is now left in limbo as he can not join a new club until Liverpool cough up £49,000 to the Potteries side in compensation. However, the boy can not sign for another club until Stoke have received a compensation fee of £49,000 from Liverpool and, in the meantime, the parents have been left liable for school fees that are believed to run into the thousands.

As a result, the child's parents are said to be facing thousand of pounds worth of debt while the player is now restricted from representing other clubs.

The schoolboy is now unable to join another team, unless Stoke receive compensation of 50,000 pounds.

  • Julie Sanders