Ivanka Trump Getting A West Wing Office Is Nepotism At Its Worst

Her new office will be located on the West Wing's second floor next to senior adviser Dina Powell, who was promoted to a position on the National Security Council. In a statement on Monday, Trump's attorney and ethics adviser Jamie Gorelick confirmed that that the president's oldest daughter will also receive government-issued communications devices and have security clearance to access classified information.

Her attorney said she'll serve as President Donald Trump's "eyes and ears", but it's unclear exactly what that means.

When it was announced he would be taking up the positions earlier this year, aides said Ivanka would not take on a role in her father's White House but would focus on settling her family in Washington.

Soon after the election of Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka Trump revealed that she would not move to White House in spite of the fact she planned to move to DC. And even though she technically isn't a government employee, he said the first daughter "has chose to go above and beyond" to comply with laws pertaining to ethics, presidential records and intelligence.

NBC reports her company was hit with a class action lawsuit by Modern Appealing Clothing (MAC) claiming Ivanka Trump has an "unfair advantage" with her husband Jared "working for the President of the United States". "It would create some outside accountability, because if she could voluntarily subject herself to the rules, she can voluntarily un-subject herself to the rules", Eisen said according to Politico. Though she will not be sworn in or get a government salary, she will resemble a full-time staffer in the White House in other ways.

Trump's proximity to and involvement in White House affairs has raised questions about her business ventures and potential conflicts of interest. Americans have seen the president's adult kids adopting ceremonial roles, but Ivanka Trump is participating in meetings with foreign leaders - literally sitting next to Canada's Justin Trudeau and Germany's Angela Merkel during recent White House discussions - and tackling a policy portfolio. She is the sole beneficiary of the Ivanka M. Trump Business Trust.

Ever since Trump became president, Ivanka was present in every major meeting that her father has. She has removed herself from executive roles and will have a more hands-off approach to the brand - though she will still get certain information and will have the power to veto new deals if they raise ethical red flags.

  • Zachary Reyes