House, Senate converge on budget price tag, but not funding methods

But it would provide $6 million less a year than the House and Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb wanted for the state's preschool program for needy kids.

That change could eliminate the need $1 increase in the cigarette tax now in House Bill 1001, the budget.

"Since 1913, it has been the practice of the chair not to lay out non-germane amendments" - House Speaker Joe Straus, the chamber's "chairman".

The bill passed in the House on a 58-31 vote last month. Patrick Leahy, the senior Democrat on the Senate Appropriations Committee.

The bill still authorizes the governor to explore tolling Indiana's interstates.

To opponents, the bill would strip power from voters.

"Accountability is critical to ensuring that all home-schooled students receive a basic education", Rachel Coleman, executive director of the Coalition for Responsible Home Education, said in a press release. That's just less than half of what child welfare officials have said they need to make serious reforms in the face of crisis.

"Under our formula, the local share of education funding fills up the bucket first, as local property tax collections go up, the state share goes down", Nelson said.

The proposal comes after four years of conflict involving Democratic former IN schools chief Glenda Ritz, then-Gov. Mike Pence and Republican leaders in the Legislature.

"This is not a proper office for a check-and-balance on school policy", he said.

The Senate wants to delay to the 2020 budget year a $2.5 billion payment to state highways that was scheduled for fiscal 2019. Republican senators Brandon Creighton of Conroe, Joan Huffman of Houston and Larry Taylor of Friendswood voted against the bill.

Bosma said it remains to be seen whether the Senate's changes will be palatable to House members. But he stood firm, saying their amendment wasn't relevant.

Negotiations on the measure are bound to continue in the waning days of this year's legislative session, which will adjourn in late April. Such crimes carry penalties of two to 10 years in prison.

After weeks of debate and expert witnesses testifying how best to alter the funding scheme to public finance, the House Public Education Committee passed a bill out of committee today to do just that. I am proud of my House colleagues because we are using sound accounting to fund state priorities in a transparent way, holding fast to our Constitutional duty to abstain from borrowing against future receipts (projected, not received, income).

Straus and other House leaders have endorsed a different means of finding cash for a stressed state budget. She said, "There's some recognition of doing things a little differently, but at the same time, it's what you are able to spend it on that is the crux of the problem".

"That whole section has been omitted", he said. The changes would delay the effective date from 2021 to 2025 and ensure the post goes to an IN resident.

Claims about its potential stem from research done by Dr. George Delgado in San Diego. So did several other House Democrats.

The study is not considered high-quality research because it is small and has no comparison group.

  • Julie Sanders