French official: 18 injured in accidental blast at carnival

An explosion in a crowded Paris Carnival has left at least 30 people injured on Saturday.The explosion is been reported to take place at the Yellow Carnival in Villepinte, Paris.

The blast happened when organizers set fire to a wooden figure during a carnival at Villepinte after a traditional parade by local children.

"Pieces of wood... have injured several people including the mayor, who was hit by a projectile in his leg", the source said as cited by L'Express.

According to L'express newspaper, the blast in French Seine-Saint-Denis department is considered to be an accident and not a terrorist attack.

Agence France-Presse reported that five people were seriously injured, and that a number of people suffered facial wounds.

They said the explosion was reportedly caused by the ignition of firework that was to be used in the carnival.

Officials said there was no indication that the incident involved arson or terrorism, but the explosion and flames did cause momentary panic.

  • Leroy Wright