Chuck Todd responds to Trump: 'Don't feel sleepy at all'

But other than that, he doesn't feel sleepy at all, despite President Donald Trump's twitter concern this morning. But he'll still try-and when changing the subject doesn't work, the president heads back to the schoolyard to lob an insult.

Todd, the host of Meet the Press, said on MSNBC Friday that Trump seemed to be on the verge of a "temporary lame duck presidency".

Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) James Comey and Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) Michael Rogers testify during a House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence hearing concerning Russian alleged meddling in the 2016 election, on Capitol Hill, March 20, 2017 in Washington.

"For those wondering", NBC's Todd responded, "I slept well even tho I stayed up late watching the #msstate upset of UConn". Todd discussed Russia Friday on NBC's "Nightly News". And in what way was the president himself involved?

The president's tweets reflect his administration's view that the focus of the investigation into Russian Federation should be on who was responsible for unmasking the names of Trump associates, rather than any connections between the campaign and a foreign power that interfered in the election.

An investigation into Russia's potential election interference is still ongoing.

The president didn't get much of a respite this week from the torrent of bad news. It's not clear what he hopes to accomplish, either, as his claims are not catching on beyond the base.

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  • Leroy Wright