Will your favorite color get the boot? Crayola retiring crayon shade Friday

Crayola is kicking the dandelion crayon out of its crayon box, the company disclosed via Twitter on Thursday, a day ahead of National Crayon Day.

Crayola is retiring its yellow-colored Dandelion crayon, the company announced.

Crayola will be livestreaming the Friday event on its Facebook page. The company ran a Twitter campaign using the hashtag "WhosLeaving" to allow users to voice their support for their favorite color.

Declining to share exactly what new color will be added to the set of 24, senior vice president of US and global marketing at Crayola Melanie Boulden did offer a few clues. It was introduced in 1990, after the Crayola Hall of Fame inducted its first eight members.

Originally, Crayola opted to broadcast which colour it is scrapping in celebration of the National Crayon Day later on Friday. Remember, a 24-count pack can't have just 23 crayons. He'll be "embarking on a major retirement tour" across the U.S.

"Consumers can expect that there will be a new, exciting color coming soon!"

Dandelion will be replaced by another color - and Crayola is expected to reveal it through a Facebook live stream on Friday at 8:45 a.m. Only boxes that already contain that specific color will remain.

Previous colours dropped by the art supplies company include Maize, Blizzard Blue and Lemon Yellow. Dandelion will be the first to go from the exclusive 24 Club straight to oblivion.

  • Salvatore Jensen