Paul Ryan taking the fall for Obamacare failure

"The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don't get on the team, & fast".

"This is a can-do president, who's a business guy, who wants to get things done, and I know that he wants to get things done with a Republican Congress, but if this Republican Congress allows the flawless to be the enemy of the good, I worry we'll push the president into, um, working with the Democrats; he's suggested as much", he added.

"I don't want that to happen", Ryan said, referring to Trump's offer to work with Democrats.

The caucus contributed to the humiliating failure of the GOP health care bill that would have replaced Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act. "All we've learned is that in addition to having unacceptable ideas, he has a political shop that can't get them done".

Following the President and Republican House leadership's inability to pass their version of Obamacare repeal, Trump has started to turn on those within his own party who did not fall in line. Some 80 percent of Republicans said they would like to see their party take another swing at a bill, compared with only 25 percent of Democrats.

Both Ryan and Trump spoke of their eagerness to work on tax reform, but Ryan said it's not as doable with the trillion dollars in taxes from Obamacare still weighing on the American tax system.

House Speaker Paul Ryan says he has no interest in working with Democrats on getting health care legislation passed, disputing a suggestion by the White House to reach across the aisle and bypass conservative House Republicans.

It was one thing to shut down the government over such demands when there was a Democrat in the White House who'd take the blame. He opposed the health care bill. The White House accused the conservative group of moving the goalposts during negotiations and Trump has called out the caucus publicly over the weekend as well.

"If this Republican Congress allows the flawless to be the enemy of the good, I worry we'll push the president into working with Democrats", Ryan said.

The idea that Trump could turn away from his own party at this stage is, to a degree, theater created to spook the far-right of the party into line.

Thus, most Freedom Caucus members would rather perform a reactionary rendition of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington on C-Span than support ideologically impure legislation that shifts American policy in the direction of their ideals.

"At one point in time Paul Ryan said 'now this is constructive, this is what we need to be doing, ' " Weber continued.

Why did Obama approve the sharing of data with all intelligence agencies, and who unmasked the names of Trump team staffers gathered from "incidental" monitoring uncovered by the House Intelligence Committee. Weber also said he is now confident health care will be brought back up in the House.

But the debate over the repeal and replacing of Obamacare has exposed a civil war within the civil war: Trump conservatives vs. the hard right.

Rep. Justin Amash of MI was more biting: "It didn't take long for the swamp to drain @realDonaldTrump".

Only two days earlier, Trump praised the "very good people" in the Freedom Caucus after the bill was pulled, saying, "No, I'm not betrayed".

Thursday's day-long eruption was vintage Trump - an intemperate character hellbent on winning every fight. "Nearly everyone succumbs to the D.C. establishment".

"But there are still 18 or 19 months before the election, and I think there is an opportunity for the playing field to change", he said.

But keeping Freedom Caucus members happy without losing the votes of Republican moderates has proven tough.

Last week, he publicly pointed to the other party for refusing to co-operate on the bill, a freakish comment since no Democrat was eager to replace Obamacare, nor did the White House conduct any real outreach across the aisle.

  • Larry Hoffman