Mom facing endangerment charges in death of 4-year-old son

The boy's caretaker, 20-year-old Jordan Lambing, is also charged with aggravated indecent assault of a child and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse - serious bodily injury. Both are now in Butler County Prison. Vensel was the sole witness called to the stand before O'Donnell, testifying that Herold gave police and firefighters incorrect information about where Bentley had been staying when she picked him up on the morning of March 21.

Lambing was captured by authorities after he was found hiding with his mother in an abandoned home's attic on the day after Bentley's death, the Post-Gazette reported.

According to the Post-Gazette, Bentley suffered a severe burn to his left hand, in addition to blood loss caused by sodomy and bruises to his head, trunk and extremities, which were consistent with being forcibly held from behind.

When she arrived at the motel, Herold put Bentley in her auto and drove to his father's home.

Investigators do not believe Bentley's mother was involved in her son's death.

"The idea that MacKenzie could have or should have known that anything like this would happen to her child doesn't make any sense", Keckemethy said.

Bentley later died at Butler Memorial Hospital. The morning before, someone called police to report an unconscious child with Herold in a auto in Butler. The police said that Peters could also be charged in future, but did not reveal the charges.

Lambing was allegedly trying to hide in the attic.

Lambing was already facing previous charges of criminal trespass, burglary, conspiracy, and terroristic threats and harassment.

"I have never seen anything like it [in] 22 years as an attorney", District Attorney Richard Goldinger told WTAE-TV.

"It would appear on its face, it asks for the death penalty", Goldinger told KPHO-TV. "It's horrific. It's unimaginable that somebody could actually do this to any human being let alone a 4-year-old".

But on Monday, Lambing denied the murder in court and officials could not find any evidence of abuse when the prosecutor said that the accused had broken the child's arm two years ago.

MacKenzie Peters was charged with felony child endangerment in connection with Bentley Miller's death.

The accused and his girlfriend have a baby which has been placed in protective custody.

  • Joanne Flowers