Kushner retains scores of real estate holdings while in WH

The forms released will disclose the assets that those aides held when they walked in the doors of the White House - before administration counsel advised them to resign from various postings, divest certain holdings or recuse themselves from future decisions.

There is a link on the White House website where anyone can request financial information for an employee by name (president Donald Trump and vice president Mike Pence are excluded) and then receive that information hours later by email.

On Friday night, the White House began publicly releasing financial disclosure forms for senior officials in the Trump administration.

"These are incredibly successful individuals, very high-net worth, very sophisticated complex asset structures, numerous sub LLCs, trusts and other items, all of which have to be worked through", a senior White House ethics official told reporters before the data was released.

Ivanka Trump and her husband, senior Trump adviser Jared Kushner, collected about $195 million in income, according to Kushner's financial disclosure.

Kushner left high-level positions at more than 200 entities related to his family's real estate business, according to the documents, but will continue to reap benefits from many holdings related to the business empire he ran with his father.

Trump adviser Jared Kushner (c.) has at least $240 million according to the financial filings.


He also sold off 58 businesses that lawyers identified as posing potential conflicts of interests, the documents state. Bannon lists his value of his consultancy as between $5 million and $25 million and the value of his film company as between $1 million and $5 million. Bannon also disclosed that he earned slightly less than $200,000 a year ago as executive director of Breitbart News Network LLC, before he resigned to join Trump's campaign last August. Others include disclosures for Steve Bannon, former Breitbart executive chairman and Trump's chief strategist at the White House, and Gary Cohn, National Economic Council director who is a former Goldman Sachs president.

Kushner received certificates of divestitures for his financial interests in several assets, including several funds tied to Thrive Capital, his brother Joshua Kushner's investment firm.

Trump's daughter Ivanka just this week agreed to serve as a government employee, triggering the need for her to file financial disclosures.

He and Ivanka Trump built up companies the documents show are worth at least $50 million each and have stepped away from their businesses while in government service.

Cohn, one of the wealthiest members of Trump's team, reported assets worth at least $254 million and income of at least $48.3 million over 2016 through early 2017, according to Bloomberg. The Kushner Companies have separately acknowledged "long-standing" dealings with two other Israeli banks.

Financial information for members of Mr. Trump's Cabinet who needed Senate confirmation has, in most cases, been available for weeks through the Office of Government Ethics.

President Trump doesn't have to disclose his finances until next year, but critics say he should have done it with the rest of his administration.

  • Larry Hoffman