Korea's latest missile test reportedly fails

As he did so, North Korean state media said Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un attended the test of a new high-thrust engine to propel rockets at the Sohae launch site.

An analyst for BBC says North Korea likely hasn't developed the heat-resistant materials needed for long-range ballistic missiles.

The ministry did not identify the type of missile used in the test.

The United Nations Security Council unanimously condemned North Korea's recent missile launches Thursday.

The missile was launched from North Korea's east coast at about 7 a.m. local time on Wednesday morning.

"US Pacific Command detected what we assess was a failed North Korean missile launch attempt.in the vicinity of Kalma", Commander Dave Benham, a spokesman for US Pacific Command, said in a statement, referring to an air field in Wonsan.

Obama, in the Times report, "warned President Trump they were likely to be the most urgent problem he would confront", adding that Kim Jong Un is aware of the US efforts to sabotage the missile testing, ordering an investigation into whether the USA was sabotaging North Korean missile launches.

Earlier this month, North Korea fired four ballistic missiles that landed in waters off Japan, triggering strong protests from Seoul and Tokyo.

American defense officials had said Tuesday that the USA military was expecting another North Korean missile launch in the next several days.

A North Korean missile fired Wednesday morning exploded within seconds of launch, the South Korean and American militaries said, a reassuring sign for allies anxious about the speed at which the country's weapons program has been progressing.

At a news briefing after the launch Wednesday, Hua Chunying, foreign ministry spokeswoman for China, cautioned the USA and other concerned countries to "exercise restraint", according to CNN.

All of this comes as the Trump administration is reviewing whether there are fresh options for dealing with North Korea, a situation that the Trump and Obama administrations have agreed is extremely hard to manage.

He went on to state that it was up to North Korea when and where it tests the missiles it builds.

The envoy denounced the joint military exercises conducted by the US and South Korea on the peninsula, and criticized remarks by Tillerson during his first Asia tour.

But doubts remain about North Korea's actual missile capabilities.

During a visit to South Korea last week Secretary of State Rex Tillerson signaled a more aggressive approach to North Korea's missile and nuclear program, including the possibility of pre-emptive military action.

  • Leroy Wright