Judge approves settlement in Trump University case

A federal judge on Friday approved $25 million agreement to settle fraud claim against President Donald Trump over his now-defunct Trump University.

The settlement combined two California class-action lawsuits and a civil action by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

"Trump University's victims waited years for compensation, while President Trump refused to settle and fought us every step of the way - until his stunning reversal last fall", said Schneiderman, who is contributing $1.6 million of his $4 million portion of the settlement to former customers.

Trump said before winning the Republican nomination that he was unwilling to settle the lawsuits "out of principle", insisting that numerous students were satisfied with the quality of the instruction.

Simpson had filed a notice with the court in 2015 advising the students in the class-action suits they could opt out of the suit in the event of a settlement to preserve their legal options against Trump.

Attorneys for the customers say thousands will get at least 90% of their money back.

The lawsuits alleged that Trump University gave nationwide seminars that were like infomercials, constantly pressuring people to spend more and, in the end, failing to deliver.

Curiel was criticized during the presidential campaign by Trump, who accused the Indiana-born judge of being unable to be impartial because of his Mexican heritage - comments that outraged many.

Simpson, who appeared in two anti-Trump campaign ads, said they got little for their money - the videos were 5 years old, the materials covered information that could be found free on the internet and her mentor didn't return calls or emails. She wanted to opt out of the class-action and sue Trump on her own, but Curiel ultimately ruled that she would not be able to proceed.

In clearing those final hurdles, the president brought closure to the trio of lawsuits, the first of which was filed in April 2010.

Remember Trump University? The president's fraudulent scheme that bamboozled thousands of innocent elderly and uneducated Americans out of millions of dollars and resulted in multiple lawsuits, including one from the state of NY for $40 million? A month later, he granted preliminary approval of the deal.

  • Leroy Wright