Ivanka Trump, husband still benefiting from business

Ivanka is also holding onto her stake in the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. She earned between $1 million and $5 million from the stake between January 2016 and March 2017.

The released financial disclosures are for White House staffers who are either commissioned officers or paid more than $161,755, officials said.

The Associated Press reported that the couple are holding on to assets of at least US$240 million while the New York Times gave a figure of US$741 million.

However, his lawyers have determined that his real estate assets - many of which are in New York City - are unlikely to pose the kinds of conflict which would require him to divest.

Since being elected president, Donald Trump's vast business empire has been scrutinized by ethics experts who say it poses major conflicts of interest.

President Trump's social media adviser, Dan Scavino, made $300,000 over the past year before joining the White House - through his work on the Trump campaign and transition and other political consulting work.

For example, he sold his stake in a Manhattan skyscraper to a trust his mother oversees.

Conway earned, through her company, slightly more than $800,000 in business income for her work in 2016.

Mr Bannon disclosed assets of between $13m and $56m (£10m and £45m), and earned about $200,000 (£159,000) as executive director of Breitbart News before he resigned to join Mr Trump's presidential campaign last August.

Officials said the release will not include President Trump or Vice President Pence, and they said the forms do not reveal current holdings but offer a snapshot of officials' assets and liabilities before they joined the government. Cambridge was the main data provider for Texas Sen. The megadonors supported Ted Cruz in the Republican primary before putting big money behind Trump's general election effort.

Before being appointed counsellor to President Trump, Kellyanne Conway was worth as much as $40m from her investments and income from her personal political consulting firm. She did not disclose how much of the property she owns, but values her stake at $5 to $25 million.

Director of the National Economic Council and a former Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn is registered as having assets worth at least $230m - but potentially more as many are listed as "more than $1m". Leaving her $16 million penthouse in Manhattan to run errands, Ivanka kept her eyes fixed on the ground. The documents show income and assets at the time they started working for the USA government - before any assets were sold or disposed of. White House ethics and compliance officials said 180 were doing so - and that only a handful had requested additional time to do so. The documents released Friday suggest that her brand - which her father, the president, berated a private company for refusing to sell last month - is valued at more than $50 million. Like the president himself, however, they retain a financial interest in many of them.

Ivanka agreed this week to become a federal employee and will file her own financial disclosure at a later date.

Business people who take government jobs are required to clear themselves of potential conflicts of interest, including selling off assets and resigning from leadership roles. Kushner and his father, Charles, also have liabilities worth much as $5 million to the us unit of Israel Discount Bank. His decision to take the chief of staff position also boosted his income from Michael Best & Friedrich, the Milwaukee-based law firm at which he had been a partner until taking the RNC gig in 2011.

  • Zachary Reyes