Greed and genius -- not Obama plan -- led to coal's decline

According to the national Slovenian Press Agency (STA) on Friday, the ministry said if the Trump's decision overturning the measures taken by Barack Obama administration is implemented, "the us will have a hard time meeting its goals set in the Paris climate agreement". We're already seeing China and European Union stepping up their global leadership on this issue.

Environmental advocates also are ready to go to court on a moment's notice, including to defend environmental laws if the US government does not, and will watch the administration's actions closely, said the NRDC's Goldston.

On Tuesday, Trump signed an order telling the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to rethink a series of rules and restrictions - better known as the Clean Power Plan - instated by the Obama administration to encourage government organs to consider environmental impact when mandating decisions.

Many nations reacted to Trump's plan with dismay and defiance, saying a vast investment shift from fossil fuels to clean energy such as wind and solar power is underway with benefits ranging from less air pollution to more jobs. The Climate Action Network (CAN) which covers over 1200 NGOs said, "While more than 190 countries are moving forward, as they agreed in Paris, towards a clean energy future, President Trump is taking America backwards by signing executive orders that attempt to revive the dirty coal industry that has been lagging since 2010".

Now, Trump has disrupted the mood of global collaboration with the the helm.

Can Trump pull the U.S. out of the Paris agreement, and what would happen if he did? "The editorial said, "...what the United States is doing undermines the other countries' dedication to implement the Paris Agreement". The pair are both the world's largest economies and emitters of carbon dioxide. "It's a bad idea to abandon any tools that help us combat the real effects of climate change".

China is now the de facto leader on climate change now that the USA has pulled back-something that the country's officials have no problem noting.

Trump has also threatened to pull out of the Paris climate agreement, putting him at odds with China's president Xi Jinping who has said the "hard-won" deal should remain in force. "All parties should work together to implement the Paris Agreement". Additionally, efforts to change laws that impact policies like the Clean Air Act, which mandates the EPA to safeguard the U.S. atmosphere, will be immediately challenged and tied up in litigation for years to come. But it's simply unlikely Trump's actions will lead to more of them.

"I think you are seeing states all over this country, cities all over this country, understand how unsafe and absurd his ideas and his actions are, and they're going to go forward trying to combat climate change", Sanders said.

European Union officials have vowed to lead on climate change issues regardless of what the USA does, as Canete suggested this week. Leaders in Germany, France and Italy all see G7 and G20 gatherings later this year as a potential place for such a discussion, according to a Politico report.

"It's certainly a signal that the war on coal is over and so is the punitive regulation that was directed specifically against coal", said U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke on a media call Wednesday.

  • Carolyn Briggs