Gamers Reporting Issues Over Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo's reveal trailer (below) for the Switch console debuted in October 2016 and notably included footage of an individual traveling by plane while playing a version of Bethesda's open-world RPG, Skyrim, with the device resting on a tray table and propped up by its rear kickstand.

Enter SnipperClips, a co-op puzzle game focused around the idea of cutting each other into shapes to help complete a series of challenges to advance. Are you interested in getting a Switch or Scorpio? I wanted to dig deeper into this, so I purchased Metal Slug 3, another Neo-Geo game port from rights owner Hamster Co. We'll see whether this is a furry delight or just plain nuts. It seems as though this technical setback has played a role in keeping Resident Evil 7 from coming to the Nintendo Switch, but once Capcom becomes more familiar with the hardware, it should be able to bring the game to the platform if it so desires. This presumably means any game maker can do the same thing for future games if they so please, just like they can tell TV-mode players to cram it with a "portable-only" restriction.

To play a solo adventure like Zelda, you'll need all the buttons on both Joy-Cons.

Meanwhile, Eric Bright, the senior director of merchandising at GameStop, said that initial sales suggest that the Switch could overshadow the Wii in terms of sales.

One such way of doing so is to not only have your Switch in matching colours, but also buying accessories which complement the chosen palette too. Casual gamers who get by with the occasional fix of Candy Crush Saga on cellphones will probably wish for a broader selection.

But the Department for Transport has now announced the happy news that the Nintendo Switch, which sold more than 1.5 million units in its first week, will be exempt from the ban along with other handheld consoles.

All three games are already existing games, but they have been improved and updated to ensure compatibility with the new Nintendo Switch console. Any game sold in any region will be playable on the Nintendo Switch.

CNET said this issue, called the "left JoyCon desync issue", is one of the biggest problems first movers of the gaming console have encountered. And it doesn't (yet) deliver the range of games you want from a home console. Other GameStop stores haven't even received any units of the Switch, today or yesterday.

  • Carolyn Briggs