Coal industry may see more jobs after Trump's latest executive order

The Los Angeles Times in an editorial described it as an "ignorant, head-in-the-sand approach" to climate change.

The Clean Power Plan was unveiled in August 2015.

President Trump fulfilled one of his big campaign promises on Tuesday: he signed an executive order that directed the Environmental Protection Agency to roll back the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan. Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft in a joint statement reported by Bloomberg.

Climate activists expressed concern the new USA position would jeopardise negotiations to implement the Paris agreement, which are set to be completed in 2018, and urged the European Union to step into the breach. While Trump and his friends think climate change is a hoax, what the scientists are telling us it is real, it is caused by human activity.

"China is not the kind of leader in terms of climate change that will pull other countries along", said Lauri Myllyvirta, a senior campaigner at Greenpeace based in Beijing.

China has invested heavily in renewables, but coal remains heavily used in the power, steel and cement industries.

Though majority said the executive order on "promoting energy independence and economic growth" did not mean withdrawing from the climate deal, they minced no wards while saying that the decision will make it tough for the world to meet the Paris agreement targets and create uncertainty over the future of scaling up climate actions.

Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday - surrounded by coal miners and fossil fuel executives - to direct Scott Pruitt, the new EPA administrator, to begin the process of scrapping the regulations.

Even so, they believe efforts to revive coal ultimately will fail because many states and industries already have been switching to renewable energy or natural gas. Instead, we must take a clear-eyed look at the challenges and opportunities of the future-because that's where the jobs are. "It was stayed by the U.S. Supreme Court in a lawsuit filed by the State of Alabama and others, and I am pleased that President Trump has ordered that it be reviewed". "Over 85 per cent of our electricity is non-emitting, non carbon polluting emitting, so we have a lot of expertise here", she said.

Environmental groups have been preparing for months to fight the Trump administration's environmental rollbacks, including by hiring more lawyers and raising money. "Governments play a critical role in mitigating the effects of climate change on our economy".

Critics say that rolling back Obama's Clean Power Plan is unlikely to result in a boost to production or to create substantial numbers of jobs.

"The president doesn't get to simply rewrite safeguards; they have to. prove the changes are in line with the law and science", Goldston said.

Jeremy Symons, associate vice president at the Environmental Defense Fund, said advocates will work to build support among lawmakers along with the public.

  • Carolyn Briggs