Chelan County listed on Homeland Security report: "declined inmate holds for ICE"

It's the first of an ongoing weekly report that spotlights local jails considered "uncooperative" on federal immigration enforcement.

Austin made his comments Monday during a hearing involving an ICE arrest earlier that took place earlier this month outside the Travis County courthouse.

The 206 figure is somewhat murky.

It's also not clear how accurately we should treat the report.

The actual number of times local authorities declined to cooperate is unclear.

In an executive order signed January 25, President Donald Trump said the list is necessary to "better inform the public regarding the public safety threats associated with sanctuary jurisdictions".

A new list by DHS shows jurisdictions around the country that reject immigrant detainer requests. President Donald Trump has pledged to defund sanctuary cities - a tactic that would appear to run into legal roadblocks, if not widespread challenges. The report highlights a variety of crimes, including the case of a Jamaican national in Philadelphia charged with homicide, along with multiple sex offenses, assaults and driving under the influence cases. In the period of one week, Travis County refused to honor detainers for 12 immigrants from Central America charged with sexual assault. The DDOR report also details the narrow criteria Travis County uses to honor detainer requests from U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement. Detainers are government requests that an immigrant who could face deportation be turned over to immigration authorities. "What I find kind of ironic is most agencies, according to them, don't provide that information".

The report states 3,083 detainers were issued nationwide, with 206 (around 6.7 percent) of those declined.

Travis County's policy has provoked the ire of Texas' Republican governor Gregg Abbott, who blocked $1.5 million in state grant funding and called for Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez to be removed from office. "It is not acceptable for jurisdictions to refuse to cooperate with federal law enforcement by releasing criminal aliens back into our communities when our law required them to be deported". Other jurisdictions have passed local ordinances barring cooperation. Trump changed those priorities to include undocumented immigrants accused of any crime.

According to the report, ICE issued 3,083 detainers during the week of January 28 to February 3.

"Once the people in some communities find out what their local law enforcement are doing, there will hopefully be a reaction to that, and they'll try something to try to influence local officials to come to their senses", Nunez said. The officials briefed reporters on the condition of anonymity despite Trump's complaints that anonymous sources should not be considered reliable.

The group's executive director, Tom Cochran, said in the statement that ICE's report "promotes the false narrative that immigrants are criminals" and "ignores due process" and provisions of the Fourth Amendment "that there be a warrant for a jurisdiction to hold someone who would otherwise be released". Other jurisdictions cite court rulings that have cast doubt on the constitutionality of the detainers.

  • Larry Hoffman