'Beauty and The Beast' Just as Good as Animated Version: Cogill

The film - the only new film opening wide - should add between $80 million and $110 million in worldwide box office as Disney is launching in about 70% of markets.

The sequel won't be surprising for some people who are familiar with the "Beauty and the Beast" movie franchise.

The film's director, Bill Condon, has said Le Fou "is confused about his sexuality" and that the film shows a brief "gay moment". This is actually somewhat surprising considering how astonishing the special effects were in last year's remake of The Jungle Book, but the CGI Beast leaves a lot to be desired on a technical level.

Belle attempts to rescue her father, but in turn sacrifices her own freedom in order to set her father free. The enchanted objects are charming and amusing, providing comic relief and nudging the plot along as they try to encourage Belle and the Beast to fall in love.

What better way to celebrate the opening of Beauty and the Beast than with a round of cosplay karaoke? The movie is such a huge production and really feels larger than life, and the musical numbers are filled with that Disney magic.

It honestly would've been preferable to have an actual singer dub over Watson, or just hire an actress who could actually sing from the outset.

In Beauty and the Beast, the coterie of magical household objects who help ease Belle into life at the castle are nearly as big a draw as the lead characters' central romance. All in all, the entire cast is truly magnificent.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, legendary composer Alan Menken revealed that the new version of the song Gaston features lyrics that were deemed "too edge" for the original film.

The original animated Beauty and the Beast (1991) had three direct-to-video instalments.

  • Salvatore Jensen