At EU summit, a pledge of unity

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in London this afternoon to protest against Brexit - just days before the expected triggering of article 50 and the beginning of Britain's formal separation from the EU.

Merkel said leaders wanted to respond to people's concerns, about the economy, welfare, migration and defence with "a protective Europe" that offered assurances on their wellbeing.All 27 national leaders, along with the heads of Brussels institutions, signed a declaration which concluded: "We have united for the better".

"As the Article 50 negotiations take place, I think quickly people will start to realize, 'this is not what we voted for, '" Campbell told DW-News.

"We have said we want to secure the rights of European Union nationals already in the United Kingdom, and UK nationals in the EU".

EU Council President Donald Tusk said that sustained unity was the only way for the EU to survive.

The EU nations marked the 60th anniversary of their founding treaty as a turning point in their history, as British Prime Minister Theresa May will officially trigger divorce proceedings from the bloc next week - a fact that European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called "a tragedy". Participants at the march spoke out against far-right tendencies and divisions in the European Union, but also criticized the direction its policies have taken.

Floral tributes left in honor of the victims of the London terror attack on March 22, in Parliament Square in Westminster, March 25, 2017.

Leaders and politicians from all over the remaining states of the European Union are in Rome to celebrate 60-years since the Treaty of Rome was signed, the document that ultimately led to the EU.

A huge number of blue European Union flags were waved by the protesters during this march.

Carswell said "job done", referring to the Brexit result in last June's referendum and added that he will continue his parliamentary duty as an independent member.

The "Unite for Europe" march The "Unite for Europe" march was due to end with a rally in Parliament Square.

Paolo Gentiloni opened a summit in Rome marking the signing of the EU's founding treaty 60 years ago in precisely the same ornate hall on Rome's Capitoline Hill.

Addressing the audience, Farron said: "We are not giving up this week of all weeks".

Tusk said the bloc should look back to its founding principles, rather than get distracted by controversial plans to let European Union countries integrate at different speeds that the leaders are set to endorse in a special declaration in Rome.

As the countdown begins, there is a real chance that negotiations will break down and Britain will be forced out of the European Union without any deal in place. "We have the strength to start out again".

  • Leroy Wright