April Fools 2017: Google 'introduces' smart yard technology, The Google Gnome

OK, Google, who's a good boy? Thinking that our cats and dogs spend too much time watching us browse the Internet, Google found it appropriate that the tables should turn for a day. "Think of it as "I'm feeling lucky, ' but for our furry friends". Which April Fool's Day product announcement from Google was your favorite?

Although today isn't actually the first day of April, it is the last official weekday before the makeshift holiday. Google's "I'm feeling Meow" feature, a temporary update to its iOS app, puts all the fun of the internet only a paw's tap away for any tech-savvy feline.

If you're "Feeling Woof", search results for frisbees, dog bones and tennis balls pop up. So, if you're an iOS person, in order to access this new feature, please long-press your 3D Touch and choose one of the two options.

"Kitties are able to search the Google app with I'm Feeling Meow-or should we say wow?!"

Android users are getting "Google Play for Pets", with apps specifically for training and playing with your cats, dogs or turtles. However, because accessing this feature might require a tad more dexterity than your cat or dog now possesses (they didn't grow up glued to smart phones after all) you'll likely need to do most of the work for them.

Google Gnome, which is most definitely not a Google Home, but instead a useful addition to your front yard. Introducing "Google Play for Pets", a new category of Android apps and games to keep your pet stimulated. If only there really were an app store just for pets.

  • Carolyn Briggs