A new Pixel Launcher is coming?

Once again, Google has launched the Developer Preview of its upcoming Android operating system prior to its annual Google I/O developer's conference.

Google specifies that apps can put themselves into PiP mode from a paused or resumed state and that developers can specify aspect ratios and custom interactions for video controls while the video is in PiP.

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Google plans to release Android O Developer Preview 2 in mid-May, followed by Developer Preview 3 in mid-June, Developer Preview 4 in mid-July, and then the final public release in Q3 2017. Also available in Nougat is a feature that protects Android users against clickjacking, which is a type of attack where users are tricked into granting apps permissions to do certain things on their devices that they never meant to grant.

If you're a developer, you may have probably installed the new version already. However, there are a few warnings provided by XDA contributor linuxct, that users who want to install the app should be aware of.

Google has introduced auto-fill in the new Android O in a better way. Let us deal with bad software!

Apps that will be updated to or will target Android O now have to be mindful of those limitations. The company also appears to have added other unexpected limits. This is achieved by tweaking implicit broadcasts, background services and location updates on a device running Android O. This includes background services that make the app to run minimally after it has been "backgrounded". Google implemented several new features that can fend off ransomware, like "safety blinders", which keeps apps from finding out what other apps are running. For instance, users can minimize the risk of downloading malicious apps on their devices by ensuing they download apps only from Google's Play store or other trustworthy sources. Still, we've implemented lots of new protections in Nougat, and we continue to improve on the defenses that have always been in place. App developers are also given the freedom to send different tyes of notifications. The presence of a more traditional search bar on the home screen also seems more accessible and familiar to most Android users.

At the moment, it's unclear why only certain users have received it; it's likely that Google is still testing the launcher and will roll it out to all handsets eventually.

  • Arturo Norris