'We must fight you', Trump tells rebel Republicans

Meadows and other members of the Freedom Caucus have been under intense scrutiny since last week when Republican leadership was forced to pull its health care bill from the floor because they were short on votes. Other conservatives said they needed more information about the tax bill to form an opinion - and some space from the contentious health care debate.

Harris hopes Trump knows that it would be very hard to attack the Freedom Caucus members because nearly all of them are in conservative districts.

Trump tweeted early Thursday, "The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don't get on the team, & fast".

During the Republican primary, Trump was viewed favorably by Republicans who self-identified as "conservative" and "very conservative", according to an October 2015 Gallup poll, the same ideological space occupied by the Freedom Caucus.

President Donald Trump called out House lawmakers today on Twitter. "It's because of the moderates who actually are supporting a lot of the things that are in ObamaCare", he said.

"We're probably going to need bipartisan votes to keep the government open", Collins said.

"When he came out against this bill, I thought, 'I trust him so this must be the right way, '" the 76-year-old retired teacher said of Massie this week as she sat at a coffee shop near her LaGrange home.

And, of course, without basic health insurance, many people are relegated to the use of emergency rooms, when a basic health insurance plan would provide less expensive medical care - less expensive to the public at large.

"I don't want that to happen", the speaker told CBS in an interview aired on Thursday.

"Having tasted victory, the resistance forces will feel even more empowered to insist that Democrats continue withholding any cooperation and not granting Trump any victories when he is so wounded", said Fallon.

Ryan told reporters Thursday that "this is too big of an issue to not get right, and so I'm not going to put some kind of artificial deadline on saving the American health care system from an oncoming collapse".

"We're not them. We're us".

Republican megadonor and Trump supporter Rebekah Mercer registered corporate paperwork for the group in December.

Ryan repeated that "90%" of his caucus is for the health care measure, but would not commit to a timeline on holding another vote. But Weber said some of the friction eased by the end of the meeting, prompting House Speaker Paul Ryan to say that more give and take might have been useful in the healthcare effort. A 35-page blueprint developed by House Republican leaders, known as a "Better Way", will serve as a starting point for the tax-reform discussions. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, a doctor and former congressman, testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, March 29, 2017, before a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing to outline the Trump.

-Among Republicans, majorities favor removing the mandate that all Americans buy insurance (66 percent) and denying funds to Planned Parenthood (54 percent). Lindsey Graham of SC said. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. "I believe we can come together, and the only way for us to govern and deliver on our promises is for Republicans not to turn the cannons on each other, but stand united behind shared principles, and that's what I hope all of us do".

"I wonder with some of my colleagues, [if] they wrote the bill themselves, whether they could get to yes", said Rep. Bill Huizenga (R-MI), who was in favor of the bill.

Finally, one Breitbart commenter, Dougout, summed up what is going on, "This is the REAL Trump y'all were warned about".

  • Larry Hoffman