Warner Bros., IMAX to Make Justice League, Aquaman VR Experiences

The home entertainment division of Time Warner Inc.'s TWX, -0.04% Warner Bros. film studio said on Tuesday it's reached a co-financing and production agreement with IMAX Corp.

IMAX launched its flagship pilot IMAX VR Centre in Los Angeles in January, which is off to a strong start, and is set to open at least five additional centres in New York City, California, the United Kingdom and Shanghai in the coming few months. These are all pilot spots, created to help IMAX refine the concept ahead of a broader rollout.

Though Gal Gadot (she gave birth to a baby girl recently) couldn't make it to the CinemaCon, her absence was not felt as DC/Warner Bros showcased a new clip from her standalone Wonder Woman movie. Let's hope that allegiance to an ill-conceived cinematic universe doesn't actually harm its changes. The "Justice League" movie, debuting this summer, will have the first, "Aquaman", set in 2018 and a third virtual reality experience will be made in 2019.

During the presentation an extended version of the "Justice League" trailer was shown, which included new footage not seen in the version released online on March 25. Interacting with them in virtual reality.

IMAX has already been toying with the idea of VR cinemas. And if you think about it, that's a pretty huge risk for them to be taking because, contrary to popular belief, people aren't usually too excited about big changes. As the mini-fig Dark Knight would say, pretty cool, huh? The releases will receive an exclusive window in IMAX VR centres after which home and mobile VR platforms will be added.

Wonder Woman's Patty Jenkins-directed solo film this June could be the type of epic, not-directed-by-Zack Snyder masterpiece of a cinematic journey many fans felt DC Comics characters were always capable of producing.

IMAX's VR Centres are facilities designed specifically for VR experiences, with room-tracking technology allowing participants to explore a virtual space.

The film hits theaters June 2.

The stars came out after a sizzle reel that showed off new footage, as well as an expanded version of the full trailer last week. In the Flash teaser, we see Ezra Miller lightening-fast at the superhero squad. Let us know in the comments!

  • Salvatore Jensen