Trump administration begins publishing weekly list of crimes by undocumented immigrants

In the order, Trump also instructed Homeland Security to draw up a list of sanctuary cities that ignore immigration detainers so that the administration can deny them federal funding.

The Sheriff's new policy has caused the county to lose grant money from the state.

Simon Crittle from the Denver Sheriff Department said that his office is still reviewing the accuracy of the report.

The list, promised by the Trump administration as part of its pledge to crack down on immigrants living in the country illegally, names local jails and jurisdictions that ICE says have not cooperated with detainer requests.

For DOC, the report cites the agency's policy of not honoring immigration detainers without a warrant, a policy enacted in 2014.

Spicer said Tuesday during a news conference that local governments were not turning over illegal immigrants convicted of violent crimes to federal authorities for deportation.

Sent statewide, their top lawyer warned of cases that determined the jail had no authority to continue detaining someone.

The Ramsey County Sheriff's Office was not included in the ICE report. "If ICE truly felt that these offenders were a danger to society, they would establish probable cause and seek an arrest warrant, just like any other law enforcement agency".

"There's been questions about whether Austin is being targeted", the judge tells an ICE agent, who the newspaper identified as Laron Bryant.

The DHS report also showed that Bastrop and Williamson counties had refused three and four detention requests, respectively.

The National Immigration Law Center's Avideh Moussavian, a staff lawyer, said police usually work with federal law enforcement in criminal cases, but not civil cases like immigration offenses. But of the 3,083 requests by ICE to detain immigrants and hand them over to the feds, only 206 requests were declined. Yet, according to the ICE list, the detainer was not declined until February 1, 2017.

Inquiring about a person's immigration status could discourage people from calling on police in emergencies and to report crimes, he said.

Somerville, meanwhile, issued a May 2014 mayoral executive order and board of alderman ordinance stating that it "will not honor ICE detainer unless ICE provides criminal warrant or if there is a legitimate law enforcement objective beyond immigration status for keeping a suspect in custody after bail is posted or a judge releases the individual", DHS noted. At least 200 of those requests were declined by local law enforcement authorities, according to the agency.

Priddy said the sheriff's office formally notifies ICE when a detainer, or hold, is not honored.

"ICE would prefer that our policy to be that if an ice official calls us and asks us to hold someone beyond their release date, that we would hold them beyond their release date for 48 hours", said Keller.

  • Larry Hoffman