Tom McGrath and Ramsey Ann Naito Talk The Boss Baby

Reminiscent of the films brought to us back in the day from the Looney Tunes teams, "The Boss Baby" fits into that niche of animation - and appropriately so, given the kind of retro storytelling that is presented in this movie.

With a strong director - DreamWorks MVP McGrath also co-directed the "Madagascar" movies and the underrated "Megamind" - and capable writing, this should have been a sure thing.

One of the biggest problems with "The Boss Baby" is the wasted potential of Alec Baldwin as the voice of Boss Baby.

There is a point somewhere near the end of The Boss Baby where a rocket built by a insane jerk who runs a corporation that manufactures puppies is about to blast out of the Las Vegas convention center.

Seven-year-old Tim (voice of Miles Christopher Bakshi) is an only child, basking in the undivided attention of his parents.

Lisa Kudrow also stars in "The Boss Baby", as Tim's mum. Are you besties with a baby sibling? Inventive and heartwarming, "The Boss Baby" is a lot more grown up than it looks. THE BOSS BABY is a hilariously universal story about how a new baby's arrival impacts a family, told from the point of view of a delightfully unreliable narrator, a wildly imaginative 7 year old named Tim. "The Boss Baby" is about sibling rivalry, and finding enough love in the family for everyone, and the filmmakers could relate.

Boss Baby is a living, breathing Successories poster.

As for Baldwin, he was nominated for an Oscar for his supporting role in 2003's The Cooler, but he's best known today for his Donald Trump impression on Saturday Night Live.

Unfortunately, the film's actual antagonist is Francis E. Francis (Steve Buscemi), the evil CEO of Puppy Co., who is developing a "Forever Puppy" that never ages, with the goal of swinging the zero-sum balance of human love from infants to puppies, thereby eliminating the need for babies altogether.

The basic story follows Tim and Boss Baby on the infant's mission that sees him putting an end to the growing problem of these cute new dogs that are stealing away all the attention from the babies of the world. But "The Boss Baby" is not that movie. If they don't, they're destined for a job in management at Baby Corp. That's the main question raised by The Boss Baby, a baffling, bizarrely misconceived animated movie about a baby that dresses in a business suit and spouts corporate speak in the voice of Alec Baldwin. If he doesn't, he will be forcibly devolved into an actual baby. "We actually had a separate pipeline for doing that", says McGrath. It can't make up its mind whether its a movie for kids or for adults in touch with their inner child. It's a diabolical strategy worthy of the company that gave us Shark Tale and Shrek the Third. DreamWorks knows parenthood is disturbing enough to begin with, but it may have discovered the flawless way to leverage this into a theater experience that both entertains the youngsters and terrifies their parents.

  • Salvatore Jensen