This is how Blue Origin will take tourists to space in 2018

Today, on Wednesday 29th 2017, Blue Origin chose to share with public with rendered pictures of interior of their space vehicle - New Shepard capsule.

The cozy-looking capsule is 530 square feet, which is larger than a Manhattan studio but not by much.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos offered a sneak peak to Blue Origin's space tourism capsule and what passengers for space tourism can expect.

The spacecraft is able to launch and land back multiple times if Blue Origin trials are any testament. It was unveiled previously, that it will be equipped with large windows, but no more details were unveiled. "Step inside... Every seat's a window seat".

A concept image of the Blue Origin craft gives an idea of the size of the capsule.

When creating this capsule, they had in mind comfort and safety most of all, but also a precise engineering. Specifically the organization bestowed the honor onto Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket system which the NAA praised for demonstrating five successful test flights of a reusable booster.

In addition to the Collier Trophy, New Shepard's achievements have earned Bezos and the Blue Origin team the Heinlein Prize, the Goddard Memorial Trophy, the Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award, Aviation Week's Space Laureate Award and the Museum of Flight's Pathfinder Award.

Blue Origin also hopes to one day send rockets to orbital space, where it can compete with SpaceX by delivering satellites into orbit for corporate customers. For that, Blue Origin is developing a new rocket called New Glenn, named after astronaut John Glenn.

For take-off they will be strapped into leather seats complete with with blue piping, which can recline once the pod breaks through the Earth's atmosphere and out into space.

Blue Origin's black feather logo on the New Shepard rocket is 'a symbol of the perfection of flight, ' says founder Jeff Bezos, and "flight with grace and power in its functionality and design".

"If you happen to be attending the 33rd Space Symposium in Colorado Springs April 3-6, come see this for yourself", Bezos said at the end of his email.

  • Carolyn Briggs