Severe thunderstorms possible Thursday

The channel said in a statement that Kelley Williamson and Randy Yarnall were "beloved members of the weather community" who'd worked as contractors for the channel.

Storm chasing is becoming increasing popular and chasers are running into more people with less experience, Wade says.

Fire officials in Fort Worth, Texas, say two children were electrocuted by power lines downed during violent weather. Gonzalez said Yarnall and Jaeger were wearing seatbelts but Williamson was not.

Severe thunderstorms, some including tornadoes, hit north Texas and Oklahoma on Tuesday.

The three were all killed instantly.

The main event for all of the state could come later this afternoon, when strong to severe storms are expected to develop in MS and track westward into Alabama.

The storms also brought tennis ball-sized hail, but no widespread damage in Texas or Oklahoma has been reported yet. A couple tornadoes possible Isolated very large hail events to 2 inches in diameter possible Isolated damaging wind gusts to 70 miles per hour possibleSUMMARY.Increasing convection now focused across western Arkansas should continue to intensify through the remainder of the afternoon into this evening.

In Oklahoma, the truck driver was killed after strong winds pushed his rig off the interstate in El Reno, outside Oklahoma City.

However, this will not be the main weather threat today, according to the National Weather Service in Little Rock.

In a story March 28 about a fatal wreck that killed three storm chasers, The Associated Press incorrectly identified a driver and passenger involved in the collision.

The severe weather is forecast to head eastward on Thursday, threatening millions in Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Texas and Louisiana. The crash happened at a remote intersection about 55 miles (90 kilometers) southeast of Lubbock.

  • Salvatore Jensen