Samsung Gear VR gets a big update

Justin Denison, senior vice president of product strategy at Samsung, speaks about the new features on the Samsung Galaxy S8 during a launch event for the smartphone, March 29, 2017 in New York City. In addition to revealing the launch date for the next Samsung Gear VR and its new motion controller-the Samsung Gear VR Controller-the company also announced improvements to Oculus Home and other software-related features.

AT&T offers the same bundle, with the phone starting at Dollars 25 per month.

Verizon is offering the new phones from Dollars 15 per month with a the trade-in of a qualifying device and a subscription to the Verizon Unlimited Plan. However, the Gear VR still requires a mobile phone to run the device and provide a display.

US Cellular is offering discounts with the trade-in of a device for the S8 or a Dollars 100 promotional card.

Samsung's Gear VR device has been added with a controller. Both smartphones are expected to be huge commercial hits that will help Samsung bounce back from last year's Galaxy Note 7 fiasco and pave the way for the Galaxy Note 8 that the company previously said will be released in the second half of the year. Additionally, Samsung is also offering a special pre-order bundle priced at $99 that includes a 256GB microSD memory card, a pair of high-end AKG earphones, and the Gear VR headset with Controller. Yet Greengart also noted that mobile VR headsets are "still limited, and motion sickness is an issue".

Samsung announced the third generation Gear VR and Controller at Mobile World Congress 2017.

Oculus Avatars are now available across Oculus Rift and Gear VR, and users can take their avatars into experiences including Oculus Rooms, Hulu and Drop Dead.

The Oculus Browser is still a work in progress but it allows users the ability to quickly explore the web and dive into 360-degree optimized experiences. It will be available starting April 21 for $130. While the new Gear 360 is easier to be hand-held, the chunky tripod of the 2016 model had takers too.

  • Carolyn Briggs