Penn State trustee exhausted of hearing from Sandusky's 'so called victims'

"Keep in mind I said I was running out of sympathy, I wasn't totally out", Lord said. "I personally believe that I had made a mistake; but it was an honest mistake", he added.

Black, however, also said Thursday that he is at peace with the decision now because he does believe the jury did the best it could with the information it had.

Spanier has said he plans to appeal.

What is more certain: His words are likely to deepen the divide over the split verdict and what it means to Penn State faithful.

The email, which was sent on Saturday, refers to victims of Jerry Sandusky.

The jury found Spanier failed to prevent Sandusky from bringing more boys to campus through his charity, thereby endangering the welfare of future victims.

His wish, Black said, would be that Spanier's defense team would have presented some testimony by or on behalf of Spanier.

An email to Mr. Instead, the defense rested without calling a witness.

Spanier was found not guilty of conspiracy and a second child endangerment count at the same trial. Black said, the jury foreman said he would have remained a holdout during deliberations. "Because even with the way it was, I came that close". Spanier was deemed to have handled the Sandusky case in a criminally negligent manner.

Lord is an alumni-elected trustee, and he's now seeking re-election.

In an email to the Chronicle of Higher Education, Penn State trustee Al Lord stated that he was "R$3 unning out of sympathy for 35 yr old, so-called victims with 7 digit net worth", referring to the 33 men who were awarded almost $93 million in the wake of the scandal that severely damaged the university's reputation, according to Onward State.

A Penn State trustee is lashing out at what he deems the "so-called victims" of former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky's sexual abuse. "They (former Athletic Director Tim Curley and former Senior Vice President for Business and Finance Gary Schultz) did not make him understand how serious a situation this might be". "As you learned, Graham Spanier never knew Sandusky abused anyone".

  • Leroy Wright