Oakland Raiders Officially Moving to Las Vegas

The NFL's Oakland Raiders won approval from team owners March 27 to relocate the franchise to Las Vegas.

"I have mixed feelings". National Football League owners vote to move Raiders to Vegas " It's unbelievable.

Davis on Monday thanked Adelson for his "vision and leadership", saying the entire deal might not have happened without him. This will be the second time the Raiders will have left Oakland.

"But the one thing I do know about Oakland fans is it doesn't really matter where they are, in my opinion, I still feel like they're gonna be diehard Raider fans because it's in their blood, it's in their DNA.", Woodson continued. "I'd like to bring a championship back to Oakland". The Rams played last season in Los Angeles after switching from St. Louis. They'll be leaving energetic Oracle Arena in Oakland in 2019 for the Chase Center in San Francisco. His son, Mark Davis, now runs the team. "Let's address them and handle them the best we can". For the team now to turn the corner and look to skip town, it's just devastating.

He said fans need to mobilize and called for a boycott of Bank of America, whose $650 million loan is helping fund the new stadium in Las Vegas.

Davis really started looking for a new place to play when Alameda County raised the rent on the stadium where the Raiders now play.

These are all valid questions at this point, considering we have never quite seen a relocation like this before. I would also like to thank the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee, the Legislature, and everyone who worked to make this idea a reality and for their continued due diligence. "You can move a lot of teams".

Not all fans are ready to give up on the team. "If I was the fans, I wouldn't attend a game for the next year", he said. But right now I am not happy. "I feel bad for the city".

The Raiders announced their departure on the heels of their first winning season in more than 14 years, going 12-4 to earn a spot in the playoffs. She said the existing Coliseum would be demolished by 2024, with the Oakland Athletics baseball team either moving to a new stadium at the Coliseum site or somewhere else in the city.

The likelihood of the East Bay welcoming the Raiders for a third season at the aging Coliseum they share with the Athletics - the only such NFL/MLB arrangement remaining - isn't high.

"You can't get around the fact that [Vegas] is gonna have an impact on the players, young and old", he said.

Mark Davies sent a message to Oakland fans saying that the Raiders will always carry the city's DNA. "I understand [Oakland fans] will be angry and disappointed". It affects us all. And if you own a team, you should have the deep pockets to deliver. "We're still the Raiders and we represent Raider Nation". We are loyal even when it's hard. And Las Vegas has the population of middle- and lower middle-class workers and we don't know if they can sustain an National Football League franchise. "God bless and Go Raiders!"

But the presence of the A's in that sports complex was particularly troubling to the NFL, Goodell said.

So, if history is any indication, the modern-day Raiders' move could lead to them sinking their franchise and possibly missing out on being the NFL's next dynasty to, well, kind of being the NFL's next dynasty.

Relocation also means big bucks for the NFL's owners.

  • Julie Sanders