Kremlin says US intelligence committee is "confused"

He also refused to drop the wiretap claims - dismissed by both sides in Congress as well as U.S. and British intelligence - saying that "interesting news" was yet to come. Officials have said they believe Moscow had hacked into Democrats' computers in a bid to help Trump's election bid.

We do not know what is worse.

Trump's presidential Twitter account continued to fire away throughout the widely watched hearing, live-tweeting comments and assertions that lawmakers then referred to and used to question Comey and National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers.

Comey told Congress on Monday, "I have no information to support those tweets".

Comey acknowledged that "some folks may want to make comparisons to past instances" where he and other officials were more open, but he said those were about concluded investigations. Comey announced the finding of a new trove of Hillary Clinton emails.

One of Comey's Tuesday critics was one of his sharpest questioners the day before, and Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., was particularly upset that Comey failed to acknowledge a probe into the string of leaks that have plagued President Trump's administration.

There has been no public evidence that any Russian attempts at interfering with the 2016 election changed the outcome.

The U.S. intelligence community says it is confident that Russian Federation is behind the cyberattacks on Democratic Party officials that embarrassed Hillary Clinton's campaign past year, but the Kremlin has denied that it was involved.

Comey is the latest government official to reject Trump's claims, made without any evidence, that Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower, his campaign headquarters. Laws are in place to prevent Americans caught that way from having their names released, and the president and many congressional Republicans are concerned about how their names did get out.

But the leaks - while serious - are not more important than the investigation into how active Russian Federation was in trying to interfere with a USA election.

Trump should let the congressional committee do its job without his constant tweet, tweet, tweet on social media. Democrats were happy with what they heard; Republicans less so.

"I have no information that supports those tweets, " Comey said.

The president did not mention the Federal Bureau of Investigation inquiry or the wiretapping controversy at the rally.

Trump has frequently urged better relations with Russian Federation, which has been at odds with the United States over Ukraine and the Syrian civil war.

  • Leroy Wright