Ferrari boss opens up on championship plan after Australian Grand Prix win

It is the first time Mercedes has failed to win the season opener since the introduction of new power unit regulations in 2014, but Wolff says it will only increase the team's desire to respond.

Hamilton finished second and Bottas third for a Mercedes team which had won 51 of the past 59 grands prix heading into Sunday's race. I truly believe we can beat them.

All eyes will now be on the next grand prix in Shanghai on April 9 to see if Ferrari can repeat their improved performance through Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen. But all things in perspective. "I hope it stays that way and then we will see how it turns out, but it's obviously a lot of fun to race for victories and a lot of fun to race against the best". "Take the strength of the weekend".

"The silver plate belonging to the runner-up, Lewis Hamilton, was finger-smudged and as discarded as a used tea cup in the Mercedes hospitality area after the Australian Grand Prix", he wrote.

"I'm not anxious about that, I think like I said in general in the weekend overall, although at times I feel it wasn't ideal, but I think it was a decent start with the team and the new age for me and my career".

Vettel's triumph at Albert Park could be the tonic Ferrari, and F1, needed following Mercedes' clean sweep of drivers' and constructors' titles over the past three seasons.

Fact is, based on the evidence thus far, it is going to be a very, very hard slog for the pit crew and tacticians, for yesterday proved time and time again that much of the racing is going to mean endless frustration as drivers are forced to remain around 2s down on their rivals unable to get any closer due to the dirty air from the auto in front.

"If you look race-by-race it's not great, but seeing what happens in the background is important". If you look at who we are up against, Mercedes has been phenomenal for the last few years.

Vettel extended his lead over Hamilton to over nine seconds after 41 laps with the three-time world champion seemingly unable to reel him in. It's great we have got a race on our hands. "We pitted and got stuck behind one of the Red Bulls".

"I will get my head down, rest and make sure I come back fighting for the next race in China". "There was the risk of the undercut and we thought the tyres wouldn't last anymore and all that led us to the decision to pit to avoid the undercut".

  • Julie Sanders