Federal Bureau of Investigation releases new photos of Pentagon after 9/11 terror attacks

The FBI has released a batch of previously unseen photographs that depict the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attack on the Pentagon, the iconic five-sided building in Virginia that serves as the headquarters of the United States defense department.

A total of 27 new photos were released, showing the aftermath of the attack that claimed 184 innocent lives.

These photos show the devastation at the Pentagon after al-Qaeda terrorists crashed an American Airlines flight into it. The flight had departed from Dulles International Airport and was heading to Los Angeles.

Efforts by firefighters to combat the ensuing blaze and emergency responders rushing to the scene are included in the collection.

The photos show a huge, gaping hole in the building, splintered pieces of the American Airlines aircraft and the Pentagon's burned interior and exterior.

The attack at the Pentagon killed 189 people: 125 in the building and 64 on the plane, including the five hijackers.

  • Leroy Wright