Do you favor or oppose sanctuary cities?

The executive order is created to force sanctuary cities to comply with the administration's immigration policies, which Seattle's lawsuit argues would be unconstitutional under the Tenth Amendment's "anti-commandeering principle".

"Our lawsuit is staying true to our values", the mayor said.

"We're dealing with communities that are really afraid and we're dealing with a situation where it's very hard to plan budgets, where you have inconsistent statements that are threatening our own budgets in our own cities", he said.

On Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that to be eligible for Department of Justice grant money, local jurisdictions will have to certify that they are in compliance with federal immigration law.

San Francisco in January became the first U.S. city to legally challenge Trump's executive order on sanctuary cities.

"In an interview with a Seattle radio station on August 29, 2016, Defendant Trump was asked about Seattle's sanctuary city policy", the suit says.

Seattle will argue that an executive order by President Donald Trump violates the Constitution by trying to make local governments enforce federal immigration law. It violates the 10th amendment by attempting to force local entities to enforce federal immigration law; and violates the Spending Clause by attempting to coerce local action through the denial of federal funds.

The federal justice department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

When people are marginalized and made to fear police, they are less likely to come forward as witnesses to crime, Murray said. Countless Americans would be alive today - and countless loved ones would not be grieving today - if the policies of these sanctuary jurisdictions were ended. It isn't a legal term with a single, agreed-upon definition.

Ms Deirdre Hussey, spokesman for San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, insisted that "sanctuary cities are safer cities".

That famously liberal city is also where an illegal immigrant, previously deported five times, shot and killed Kate Steinle (pictured above) in 2015 as she visited a pier with her family. The officials promised to keep blocking cooperation between city police departments and federal immigration authorities. "When it comes to immigrants and sanctuary counties and cities, the Attorney General and the President are stuck on alternative facts".

"The expectation that the federal government will enforce our immigration laws is reasonable, and our government has a duty to meet it".

"Countless Americans would be alive today ... if these policies of sanctuary cities were ended", Sessions said, who added that he used a tactic that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch employed.

But city officials say they believe the Trump administration may treat Seattle as a sanctuary city, anyway. "We have the law on our side: the federal government can not compel our police department to enforce federal immigration law and can not use our federal dollars to coerce Seattle into turning our backs on our immigrant and refugee communities".

"We are going to become this administration's worst nightmare", said New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, who was among officials gathered in New York for a small conference that attracted officials from cities including San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York.

  • Leroy Wright