Bill Clinton and Arlene Foster attend funeral for Martin McGuinness in Derry

The Northern Ireland city of Londonderry is filling with mourners for the funeral of former IRA commander and Sinn Fein deputy leader Martin McGuinness, who helped lead his militant movement to compromise with British Protestants.

DUP leader Arlene Foster this morning confirmed she will attend the funeral today.

Former Irish Republican Army commander turned peace negotiator Martin McGuinness was buried Thursday, his supporters giving him the funeral of an Irish chieftain.


McGuinness rose through the ranks of the IRA, from stone-throwing youth to feared fighter and, finally, after joining the peace process, to elder statesman of Northern Irish politics.

Irish republicans hold a candle lit vigil in West Belfast, Northern Ireland, Tuesday, March, 21, 2017, marking the death of Martin McGuinness.

The 66 year old politician's family, friends and neighbours will line the route from his home as his tricolour-draped coffin is carried through streets, past Free Derry corner to the church.

Mr. McGuinness' Bogside neighbourhood came to a standstill as his coffin left the church as Sinn Fein members, including Miss Dolan, performed a guard of honour.

Martin McGuinness was laid to rest in City Cemetery following a graveside oration by Gerry Adams.

Bishop Donal McKeown, Bishop of Derry, had opened the earlier service in St Columba's by turning to the McGuinness family.

And addressing Mrs. Foster, Mr. Clinton said: "I know and most people in this church know that your life has been marked in painful ways by the Troubles".

He appealed to Sinn Fein and the major Protestant-backed party, the Democratic Unionists, to fix their relations and to revive the Catholic-Protestant government at the heart of the Good Friday deal.

Speaking of McGuinness' transformation from onetime republican terrorist to peacemaker, Clinton said, "Somewhere along the way, for whatever reason, he chose to give peace a chance".

"In memory of the man whose friendship I will always treasure we must together, all of us, pledge to keep on doing what he was doing and to persevere in the pursuit of peace".

  • Joanne Flowers