Bengaluru is India's most forgetful city, shows study on cab users

Bengaluru has topped the list of the most forgetful cities according to a study done by Uber.

Most of us have at some point accidentally left a phone or wallet in the back of a taxi, but not many could lay claim to forgetting a lobster or their bulletproof vest.

The taxi app company has released its Lost and Found Index, which has pulled in data to list the most commonly forgotten items (a phone, by the way) to the most freakish. The country's IT capital Bengaluru tops this "most forgetful city" list, followed by New Delhi, Mumbai and mana sheher.

However, the most interesting bit is the things people have left behind in an Uber, which include cheques worth ₹15 lakhs, keyboard, puppies, expensive watch, footwear, liquor bottles and cricket bats. The feature allows users to contact the driver, so they can choose and time and place to go pick up the item that was forgotten.

People report highest number of lost items on Saturday followed by Friday and Sunday. While Uber does not reveal the exact number of rides taken, in 2016, the driver-partner with the most number of rides as well as the customer who used the app the most were from Bengaluru.

It can also be related to the city's vibrant nightlife on weekend and as a Uber driver puts it, drinks mess with one's memory. "Through this data and rider-insight-backed index, we want to bring the riders attention to the options available to them in case they lose something in an Uber, in a fun and playful manner", said Christian Freese, general manager, Bengaluru, Uber India.

The ridesharing giant shared the Philly-centric data showing local Uber passengers are as forgetful as anywhere else, and there's nothing too unusual about the lost goods.

  • Arturo Norris