Yogi Adityanath asks Uttar Pradesh police officials to change working style

The 44-year-old chief minister - who represented Gorakhpur Lok Sabha seat in eastern Uttar Pradesh for almost two decades - has said he was told about his new job just a day before he took oath on March 19.

The cops' profound love and adoration for their new political master didn't end here.

State party spokesperson Bharat Pandya added that the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister campaigning in Gujarat would help the party immensely.

"If I had said no, then it would mean that I am looking for an escape route".

On Monday, in an official release, the state government issued orders to close all illegal slaughter houses to ensure public order, safety and the health of the general public. Talking about the same, Yogi said that he is a workaholic and bureaucrats who are working with him must deliver in the very same way.

In his northern power base - the down-at-heel town of Gorakhpur near the Nepalese border - Adityanath's more conciliatory comments have done little to dispel unease among members of the Muslim community, who make up almost a fifth of Uttar Pradesh's 200 million or so people.

Uttar Pradesh has 41 licensed slaughterhouses and is the country's largest meat-producing state. Some of these steps like the Romeo Operation, which can be treated as a step to reduce harassment of young women. In case, they notice any discrepancy within the state government, they should inform it to Yogi Adityanath.

Like many Indian politicians, Adityanath also faces a string of criminal cases, disclosed in the affidavit he filed as a candidate in the 2014 general election.

"The poor people must be issued ration cards, while stringent action be initiated against the food grain and ration mafia". Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma said, "Yoga has played a major role in making India a vishwaguru (global leader)". Soft sofas and beds have been replaced by cots, say reports in the media, and crockery of bone china have been replaced with plates and glasses made of brass or bronze.

  • Leroy Wright