Windows 10 Creators Update arriving April 11

In addition to announcing the release date for its next big Windows 10 update - April 11 - Microsoft today unveiled several new partner-manufactured devices created to support the new operating system's novel features. In his view, the three big highlights of the release are Windows Mixed Reality (which was once called Windows Holographic), the new gaming features, and the updates to the Edge browser. With Windows 10 Game Mode, Microsoft's goal is to offer the best and most consistent gaming experience on Windows 10 by dedicating more system resources to the PC games.

For designers, or really anyone who likes to draw, new features let them move past 2D art and create 3D pictures using Paint.

On April 11, do not expect all 400 million Windows 10 users to get the Creators Update at once.

In October of previous year, when Microsoft announced that the next feature update for Windows 10 would be called the Creators Update, it seemed to get a chilly reception from IT Pros and Enterprise customers because it appeared very consumer oriented. Once you've enabled your PC to use Game Mode in System Settings, you can apply it to any game.

In addition, the community has also been busy connecting creators since October 2016, helping them find new ideas and providing instant access to a growing library of 3D objects to customize, edit, and share.

Ink would have been great for a new e-book feature coming to Windows. In addition, since the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft Edge is up to 24% - 43% more efficient than the competition for general objective browsing, and lasts up to 23% - 69% longer when streaming videos.

But what if you'd rather get the Windows 10 Creators Update as soon as possible, caution be damned?

Having gained support for extensions in the Anniversary Update, Microsoft's Edge browser now gets a slew of new features, including native WebVR support for 3D apps to go with the aforementioned headsets. For example, the latest Edge browser that comes with the Windows 10 Creators Update is also an eReader. Unfortunately, Windows didn't do a good job of letting me know which driver needed updating. The new Family options with enhanced parental control features such as screen time habits, activity reports of your kids' online activity and more. Now, they could walk around the sandcastle with their phones to create a 3D replica model, which they could then print out and give to their child as a memento of that vacation.

You can play Netflix movies and content in 4K Ultra HD resolution with Creators Update.

Yusuf was also keen to show off a bunch of relatively trivial tweaks, including "night light", which reduces the level of blue light emitted by the operating system, which apparently will help you sleep better when you finally turn your machine off after a hard evening's work. In 2016, Microsoft issued build 14393 - which was correctly pegged as the Anniversary Update's RTM - to Insider testers on July 18, or 15 days before the official launch on Tuesday, August 2. It maximizes battery life and aims to be a slick experience for Windows users, he said.

For some, these major feature updates may be incredibly valuable; for others they may not make much difference.

  • Carolyn Briggs