Voice Calls Made Easy, Secure And AI Powered By Telegram Messenger

With audio calls, Telegram is once again touting its encryption, similar to the technology that powers its secret chat feature that lets users delete messages or schedule them to self-destruct.

Founded in 2013 by Durov, who also helped set up Russian social network VK, and his brother Nikolai, Telegram has emerged as a notable player in the competitive chat app space. The company has further confirmed that all voice calls made in Telegram are end-to-end encrypted. Telegram, a messaging app known for its emphasis on secrecy, today announced that it's rolling out the voice calling feature that it has been testing for a long time.

Telegram Calls are here: secure, crystal-clear, constantly improved by artificial intelligence.

The Telegram app does come with a "Secret Chat" mode, which uses end-to-end encryption, but users have to enable it manually when they want to use it. This is being possible with the use of peer-to-peer connection and the best audio codecs, which also make it possible to save some of your precious data. If a peer-to-peer connection can't be established, the closest server to the user is connected to instead. In that case, the call will go through Telegram's servers, but the call should remain end-to-end encrypted.

The voice calling interface is normal like any other calling app, with no overhauls to the experience on the surface.

Oh, voice calls will also feature machine learning to improve quality. The neural network for the same learns from technical info such as network speed, ping times, packet loss percentage, etc.to optimize your next voice call. For example, calls will sound best on WiFi, while weaker connections will use less data. Also, it is handing more control over voice calls to the user with this update.

As if we detail out the whole scenario, then it will automatically adopt the sound quality on the basis of the network you are using. Users sending videos can adjust the compression and see the quality of video the recipient will be watching, which Telegram says is a first. Telegram has also added a "Use Less Data" if the users want to reduce the consumption even lesser than what is is right now.

The app remembers the compression rate after it has been selected and uses it as a default for the future videos you share.

  • Carolyn Briggs