Unprecedented: Trump Approval and Disapproval Ratings Just Became His Worst Ever

Then, 41 percent of Americans could not rate his performance, 30 percent approved and 29 percent disapproved.

That's according to a poll by The Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research that was released Wednesday.

"An encouraging sign for Trump, perhaps, is that all presidents whose ratings fell below 36% - with the exception of Nixon - saw their ratings improve thereafter".

President Donald Trump's job approval rating has fallen to a new low in the wake of the failure to pass a new health care bill, according to the latest polling results from Gallup. In addition, more oppose than favor replacing income-based subsidies with age-based subsidies for people buying insurance, 48 percent to 16 percent.

Trump still enjoys better than 80% approval among Republicans, but only one in three independents and 8% of Democrats now approve. More than half of voters feel their taxes are too high, and almost three-quarters think the tax system should be reformed this year - but just one-third expect their taxes to go down under President Trump. Amid low poll numbers, news comes of many Trump voters expressing regret for their choice of President.

Besides Trump, who backed the bill, and House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan, who was expected to shepherd it through Congress, the poll asked if people blamed House Republicans, House Democrats or the media. The Real Clear Politics average of 11 major polls puts Trump's approval rating at 42.1% and his disapproval rating at 52%.

By way of comparison, Barack Obama's approval rating was 61 per cent at this point in his presidency.

About ten days ago, around March 18, the president's approval rating reached 37%.

The poll suggests that health care is damaging Trump's image. The 36 percent job approval is the president's lowest rating since his inauguration.

Drops in poll numbers are to be expected after a legislative failure like Trumpcare. It has a credibility interval, a measure of accuracy, of 3 percentage points for the entire group and 5 percentage points for Democrats and Republicans.

As of Tuesday, the House Intelligence Committee said the investigation into Russian's possible interference with the 2016 election was effectively on hold.

  • Leroy Wright