United defends decision to bar girls in leggings from flight

The airline's policy does not allow "pass" travelers - a title given to United employees or their dependents who can fly for free on standby - to wear "form-fitting" spandex trousers or shirts, among other articles of clothing including flip-flips and mini-skirts. Guerin said the travel agent's actions were appropriate and the girls would have been allowed to board the flight in their original attire if they were not "pass riders". Leggings are fine for passengers not traveling with the benefit pass. "But when flying as a pass traveler, we require this pass traveler to follow rules, and that is one of those rules".

That didn't, however, appease some critics.

Celebrities including Patricia Arquette and Sarah Silverman are slamming bosses at United Airlines for reportedly not allowing a group of young girls wear leggings on a flight.

One of United's competitors, Delta, had some fun with the controversy Monday, tweeting: "Flying Delta means comfort". The policy for guest passes bans travelers from wearing "form-fitting lycra/spandex tops, trousers and dresses", BBC reported. According to an official statement from United, leggings are unacceptable for employees and pass riders.

United says its policy is not meant to discriminate against anyone.

Watts tweeted that the girls were forced to change clothes before they boarded a flight to Minneapolis. "But, in the United States, leggings and yoga trousers are worn by many passengers".

The incident was first reported on Twitter by Shannon Watts, a passenger at the airport who was waiting to board a flight to Mexico.

On Sunday, at least two girls wearing leggings were barred from boarding a United Airlines flight because they were not in compliance with a dress code for certain passengers.

Cathy Moyer says she was also the target of the travel pass policy, but she did not mind. "Next time I will wear only jeans and a scarf".

"To our regular customers, your leggings are welcome", it concluded.

All three remained in Denver to make other travel arrangements because they didn't want to split up, Guerin said.

  • Salvatore Jensen