Twitter stops counting usernames against 140 character limit for tweet replies

Twitter is making good on a product promise the company announced nearly a year ago but never rolled out: Longer tweet replies.

In doing so, Twitter implemented some useful visual changes.

At this point I am using Twitter for Mac just to see the dark shit they're going to do with it.

Beginning Thursday, when you reply to another user's tweet, that person's username won't count toward the 140-characters allotted for your response. "When reading a conversation, you'll actually see what people are saying, rather than seeing lots of @usernames at the start of a tweet", Twitter said.

Twitter is also offering a new "Replying to" feature so you can check or uncheck the usernames of the person or people you want to keep in or kick out of the conversation. The company shared that these updates are based on feedback it has received. "In our tests of this new experience, we found that people engage more with conversations on Twitter", wrote product manager Sasank Reddy.

  • Leroy Wright