Tom Price under pressure as Trump keeps promising Obamacare 'explosion'

However, the bill wasn't supported by Democrats and even some Republican moderates. For example, GOP members of the Freedom Caucus - members of Trump's own party - opposed the AHCA because they said it didn't go far enough in undoing mandates for essential care. Throughout the debate on health care, and when this bill was first introduced-the replacement bill-I sat down with doctors, and nurses, and seniors, and folks from the disability committee, and talked about what worked now, what wasn't working now, and in this law, what worked and what isn't quite right.

The paralyzing issues for the conference remain unchanged, however.

Trump said after the failure of the Republican plan last week that Democrats, none of whom supported the bill, would be willing to negotiate new healthcare legislation because Obamacare is destined to "explode". Move the bill back toward the center and the Freedom Caucus will buck the effort as a bloc.

Dent also said that he hasn't heard from President Trump about healthcare since last week and isn't negotiating with anyone, including the Freedom Caucus.

"We saw good overtures from those members from different parts of our conference to get there because we all share these goals, and we're just going to have to figure out how to get it done", the speaker said.

But the big question is still the same as before the American Health Care Act: What plan would Republicans stand up in Obamacare's place? He also said that Trump gave his all on behalf of the bill.

Ryan promised he would lay out "the path forward on health care" at a retreat scheduled for the end of this week. Most divisive pieces of legislation require 60 votes to pass, due to Senate rules protecting the minority party.

"We're going to get this right", Ryan said, "and in the meantime, we're going to do all the other work we came here to do". "Reconciliation is the way to go".

Iowa Rep Steve King told reporters that the discussion at Tuesday morning's meeting reminded him of an impasse that House Republicans faced in 2014 on a border security bill. Implosion is not going to happen. He added, "the minds that have been in the starkest disagreement are now going to put their heads together". Among the concessions given to the conservative wing was the matter of preventive care.

"There is nothing that could have been added to the bill that the Freedom Caucus would ever vote Yes on".

(JORDAN) No one wanted to be no, that's why we wanted to get to yes and that's why we worked so hard but the goal post was moved right from the beginning. But they shouldn't act like they are doing us a favor by doing their job. "We've got to have some bipartisanship around here, otherwise we're not going to get much done".

Let us replace them with men and women committed to better health care for all Americans.

  • Leroy Wright