The Trump Organization Wants to Open a Second DC Hotel

In an apparent bid to provide ass-kissing special-interest groups, businesses, and foreign governments another opportunity to grease the palms of the president's family, the Trump Organization is reportedly in the market for a second Washington, D.C., hotel. The hotels are located in affluent neighborhoods both in and near downtown.

"They're trying hard to do Scion in this market and they're trying hard in other markets also", Friedman said. "These are just people running around saying 'I have money and the brand is Scion'".

The Post reports that "the more affordable Scion hotels would be owned by other developers who would pay the Trumps' company for licensing rights and management"-unlike the Trump International Hotel half a mile from the White House".

This arrangement in many ways is unlike the first Trump hotel in D.C. on Pennsylvania Ave., as that hotel is officially owned and run by the Trump Organization, which transformed the Old Post Office into the luxury building it is now.

The company's Scion line is meant to attract travelers seeking less expensive accommodations and a more modern design than Trump Hotels' namesake luxury properties offer. The millennial customers that Scion is aimed at represent the new cohort of luxury-hotel guests, spending some $250 billion a year on travel, he said.

The Trump hotel has since become a point of controversy after diplomats began booking rooms in the property-perhaps in an effort to curry favor with the new president.

Danziger said in a statement issued by the company that he wouldn't disclose new properties until he has firm agreements in place, but that he has signed "over 30" letters of intent - preliminary agreements - with developers to open Scions in cities across the country.

"It's full steam ahead. It's in the Trump boys' DNA", Danziger added.

  • Leroy Wright