Steve King has no clue about America

About race. Culture. Poverty. He added, "we can't rebuild our civilization with somebody else's babies, unless we adopt them and raise them as our own".

What will truly "make America great again" (not to leave out the wider Western culture) is a revival of this patrimony, and a rejection of the dead-end ideologies that have crippled our civilization.

Later on in the interview, Rep. King said that liberals, like Ramos, are "celebrating because the United States is moving towards becoming, the white become a minority, a majority-minority within the country according to what their plan is". Former Vermont governor and once Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean said no one takes King seriously and that he is a "total ignoramus". Now, evidently, it's racist. If we're unwilling to call out ignorance, lies and misinformation as precisely as possible and fail to hold those who espouse them to account, we will simply end up with more Steve Kings, only more emboldened. Instead, he shifted the subject of the conversation to imply that if he were to enter certain non-white areas of the country, he would be killed. This way we don't debate ideas, history, or beliefs, but color. And if you fail to accept the debate on these terms, you will be subjected to vacuous accusations of "Islamophobia". Which means, of course, that he considers other civilizations inferior. Or is the competitiveness of Wilders' party in Holland predicated on a long-term struggles that have generated upheaval across Europe? "The people there are working not necessarily in the cement business now; they're working in agribusiness", says Murphy, "but it's the same kind of story popping up now that would have been popping up then". Not all, but enough.

"As Tobin notes, "'Other people's babies' have been fighting and dying to defend American values since before Iowa was a state". In a way, his offensive tweet was a grand culmination, both of a long career of offensive remarks like calling then-President Barack Obama "very, very urban" as well as a full embrace of European-style, anti-Muslim ultra-right nationalism. Judy Chu, for example, welcomes "all;" every single person who has desire to come here, no matter what they believe or how likely they are to become Americanized.

Remember how incensed people got when Trump floated his (admittedly, impractical) ideological test for immigrants. The problem is that many assumed philosophical tests would have a disproportionate effect on Islamic refugees - a de facto ban. As Americans, we consume different cultures everyday, from eating Chinese or Indian food to wearing clothes made in foreign countries to learning a foreign language in school. Unlike Europe, we are structurally and geographically built to assimilate diverse populations.

John Adams once wrote, "There must be a positive passion for the public good, the public interest, honour, power and glory, established in the minds of the people, or there can be no republican government, nor any real liberty".

Spencer elaborated on his idea of Western Civilization and exactly who fits - or doesn't - into this worldview.

America is not a place so much as an ideal. Most white people have known - and still know - only the opposite. But, in the aggregate, human flourishing does better, by any measure, under this tradition than others. We shouldn't let people on the Right or Left distort what it means.

  • Leroy Wright