Speaker Ryan: GOP won't retreat on health care

House leaders made a significant change to the bill last week to address Freedom Caucus concerns, allowing states to undo federal "essential health benefits" established under the Affordable Care Act.

Days after the House pulled a key health care bill , Schweikert said that big price hikes in Obamacare premiums must be dealt with as the Arizona market is "imploding". And all of Arizona has only one provider.

Now that the Republican dogma about "repeal and replace" has been demolished, it's time to actually fix healthcare in America.

It's been a running joke for many years now that Republicans in Congress are always saying they're just about done putting the finishing touches on an Obamacare replacement plan that everyone is going to love.

But after a weekend of bruising headlines about the GOP's failures to deliver on their signature campaign pledge in the previous four elections, Republicans are walking back their admission that the health care battle is over.

"I don't think the president is closing the door on anything", he said.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Tuesday that the "status quo" would remain after Trump and Ryan "went all out" to pass their bill: "I'm sorry that didn't work, but our Democratic friends now have the law that they wrote in place, and we'll see how that works out".

Trump aides said the president could seek support from moderate Democrats on upcoming legislative battles ranging from the budget and tax cuts to health care, leaving open the possibility he could revisit health care legislation.

Ryan said "it may take a little bit more time" for Republicans to go from being an opposition party to a governing party, "but we are certainly listening and we are going to get there". Meanwhile, the Senate Judiciary Committee is holding its markup to consider the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch - President Trump's pick for the Supreme Court. "And we're not going to stop until we get this done".

"We all have to reflect on what we could have done better and this discussion was an honest and very constructive step forward", Ryan said candidly at his weekly press conference, "we are not going to retrench into our corners or put up dividing lines".

Asked if Republicans had indefinitely poisoned the well for tax reform or infrastructure - both agenda items Trump has said he'd like to tackle - Feinstein said "not necessarily if it's done right". He accused Trump of using executive actions to destabilize the health care system.

The Freedom Caucus is a hard-right group of more than 30 GOP House members who were largely responsible for blocking the bill to undo the Affordable Care Act, or "Obamacare".

Brooks said that he preferred to force a vote on a 2015 ACA repeal bill, which passed Congress but was vetoed by President Barack Obama.

"I think we're closer today to repealing Obamacare than we've ever been before and surely even closer than we were Friday", Scalise said. He wants the House to vote Friday on the legislation to begin dismantling ObamaCare and if it fails, he is "done with health care", and ready to move on to tax reform, a source told Fox News. We're going get to yes.

  • Leroy Wright