Samsung unveils Galaxy S8 'comeback' phone

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ on the other hand, features a 6.2-inch display with the same QHD+ resolution and Super AMOLED screen. Compatible with the Galaxy S8 devices, the docking station allows the smartphone to be connected to an HDMI-compatible monitor as well as a Bluetooth-enabled, USB or RF-type keyboard and mouse. It sports a 3.6mm headphone jack, and comes with a 99 Dollars wired Harman AKG headphones in the box, which is a nice touch.

Boasting some of the largest wrap-around screens ever made, the long-awaited S8 models are the South Korean technology company's first new premium phones since its September recall of all Galaxy Note 7 smartphones equipped with fire-prone batteries.

The Galaxy S8 will come in two sizes, both bigger than last year's models.

Samsung's early marketing of the S8 has eschewed the safety issue, which brand experts say is an attempt to avoid reminding consumers of the images of burnt Note 7s that spread throughout the world's media late previous year. Perhaps most promisingly, Samsung has completely changed the way it tests and inspects its batteries after what happened with its doomed Note 7. They will go on sale on April 21.

For one thing, Samsung says Bixby will be able to handle any smartphone task now managed by touch.

In the new S8, Samsung claim virtual assistant Bixby is able to understand context, and can also scan images through the phone's camera in order to help with commands and queries, showing shopping options when food or drink packaging is scanned for example.

But there's a major caveat: Bixby will work only with selected Samsung apps, including the photo gallery and messages. Samsung intends to open up Bixby to third-party apps in the future but has not said when. The smartphone also comes with earphones from AKG, a partnership struck between the audio giant and Samsung. The dock is called DeX and will be sold separately. however, at this time, Samsung has not announced a price for the product.

"Samsung only has a window of opportunity of several months before the launch of the 10th anniversary iPhone", Husson said.

Samsung also joined the "go digital" bandwagon, and last week unveiled Samsung Pay, the company's flagship mobile payments service, in India. Existing owners can buy just the controller for about $40.

Samsung planned to release pricing later Wednesday.

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  • Arturo Norris