Samsung Electronics says to sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7s

The Galaxy Note 7 saga appears to be nearing an end as Samsung Electronics has unveiled plans to refurbish and sell some of devices that were recalled for safety reasons.

Samsung is to sell refurbished versions of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones which it pulled from stores a year ago because they kept bursting into flames.

Two global recalls later, Samsung finally pulled the plug on the Galaxy Note 7, permanently taking it off the market.

A subsequent probe found manufacturing problems in batteries supplied by to different companies.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 exploding battery debacle was one of the biggest hardware scandals ever, but the company is doing everything in it's power to put things right.

The South Korean tech giant said some 3 million units of the Galaxy Note 7 will be resold or rented out.

This news complements reports from past year that Samsung was planning on introducing a refurbished phone selling scheme.

It is unknown at this time how numerous millions of Galaxy Note 7 phones that Samsung has in its possession will actually make it back onto the market, and how much of a discount the company will provide to potential customers.

Greenpeace has campaigned for Samsung to clarify its plans for the recall, and to ensure that it's addressing the debacle's environmental impact. Samsung will be following 'three principles' to make sure that the devices are recycled and reused in an appropriate manner. It is now rumored the refurbished device will have a smaller battery so it does not overheat and catch fire.

Samsung said it would have to liaise with "regulatory authorities and carriers" and measure local demand before determining where and when refurbished handsets would be released.

Samsung says that the device will first be considered if can be used as a refurbished smartphone or rental phones.

While everyone is gearing up for the launch of Galaxy S8, Samsung has issued a statement regarding its future plans with regard to Note 7.

  • Arturo Norris